Mr. Anupam Agrawal (AA Sir)


Mr. Anupam Agrawal (AA Sir)

Introduction to Mr. Anupam Agrawal (AA Sir)

Anupam Agarwal is a B.Tech from IIT Kanpur. Anupam qualified IIT-JEE 2006 & joined IIT Kanpur for a four program in Mechanical engineering. Before joining Matrix as a physics faculty in 2014, he taught extensively at Allen Kota for IIT JEE.

Anupam graduated from IIT Kanpur in 2010 and till date has a cumulative work experience of more than 8 years. Anupam has taught Physics for JEE Main and Advanced for last 4 years at Sikar and has been widely regarded by students as an excellent teacher with a very strong focus on concept building approach for excellence in JEE Physics.

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