MHS: CBSE School in Sikar, Rajasthan

We're proud to be recognized as the top choice among RBSE and CBSE schools in Sikar, Rajasthan. At Matrix High School, our goal is to empower every child in Sikar to excel and bring glory to our city, no matter the type of examination they face.

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A Good CBSE School For a Brighter Future

If you're seeking the finest education for your child or searching for a CBSE school in Sikar, Matrix High School is the ideal choice. We have established a strong reputation, consistently excelling in RBSE and CBSE Board examinations. Our dedicated faculty, comprising experts from leading CBSE schools and institutes in India, ensures top-notch education. At Matrix, we prioritize excellence in every aspect, providing specialized faculty for each subject to ensure the best learning experience for our students.

Why Matrix is the Best CBSE English Medium School?

  • The best CBSE school brings out the best in their students

    We think every child has special qualities, and our goal at Matrix High School is to help them discover and nurture those strengths. Recognized among the top 5 CBSE schools in Sikar, our students proudly celebrate their successes, and we're here to support them in bringing out their best.

  • At Matrix High School, we hope all our students achieve an outstanding A+ grade

    At MHS, our goal is for each student to achieve an A+ grade, and our students consistently meet that expectation. They have excelled in various exams, such as the Olympiad, NTSE, STSE, IJSO, Pre-RMO, and NMTC, in addition to their board exams.

CBSE Curriculum in Matrix High School, Sikar

Matrix High School stands as one of the leading CBSE schools in Sikar, strictly adhering to the guidelines set by the Central Board of Secondary Education. Offering education from pre-primary to class XII, we employ effective teaching methods and skill-based learning. Our school, equipped with modern facilities, aims to provide top-notch education, preparing students for future challenges. Enroll in Sikar's best school to avail yourself of the finest education.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBSE School

  1. Yes, Matrix comes under the top 10 CBSE schools in Sikar, Rajasthan.

  2. In every school, the number of students for each teacher can vary. However, at Matrix CBSE School, we always ensure that our student-to-teacher ratio is kept at a reasonable level—never too high.

  3. Yes, MHS offers hostel facilities to its students. We are known as the best CBSE school in Sikar with hostels.

  4. At MHS, we firmly believe that nothing is too challenging with a strong educational base. That's why we provide our students with a mandatory foundation program to ensure they have a solid base for their studies.

  5. Not every school teaches in English, but MHS is an English-medium co-educational CBSE school in Sikar.

  6. About 26,054 schools in India and 240 schools in 28 foreign countries are affiliated with CBSE.

  7. There are 60+ CBSE schools in Sikar, Rajasthan.

  8. All the CBSE-affiliated schools follow the NCERT curriculum from 9th to 12th.

Why Choose Matrix High School

We provide individualized attention to each student, making Matrix High School a top choice. Renowned for being one of the best CBSE schools and the finest RBSE school in Sikar, Rajasthan, we offer boarding facilities. We excel in nurturing students to bring out their best. In Sikar, we have numerous success stories in board exams and various competitions such as Olympiads, NTSE, STSE, IJSO, Pre-RMO, and NMTC. Additionally, our CBSE/RBSE students benefit from an excellent Foundation program. Here are some compelling reasons to choose Matrix High School as your CBSE school:

  • MHS Follows the NCERT Syllabus

    We are aligned with the best curriculum implemented by the Central Board of Secondary Education. Whether the student wants to become an engineer, doctor, professor, or lawyer or wants to shape his or her career in any other field, the NCERT syllabus is mandatory. Thus, we strictly follow the NCERT syllabus.

  • Top Facilities For CBSE Students and Teachers

    MHS provides advanced facilities for teachers and students, ranging from basic to modern amenities. Additionally, we provide transportation, hostels, and sports facilities. Recognized among Sikar's top 5 CBSE schools, we strive to create a well-rounded and technologically equipped environment.

  • Proficient Faculty for Each Subject

    We have the best teachers in Sikar who understand their subjects well, and they have achieved the highest scores in those subjects. We even have a special team of teachers just for our pre-foundation program. Our main goal is to provide excellent education, and that's why we are recognized as one of the best schools in Sikar.

  • Strong Study Base For CBSE Students

    We ensure our students have a solid foundation in their studies, so they don't encounter difficulties later on. That's why we've made our foundation program a must. In this program, we equip our students not only for exams but also for other aspects of life. The foundation program is designed for students from 5th to 10th grade. Here, we prepare them for various competitions like NTSE, IJSO, Pre-RMO, STSE, NMTC, etc., and also provide early guidance for IIT-JEE and NEET, all while balancing their regular school studies.