Hostels at MATRIX High School - Residential campus

Hostel facilities are provided for students who choose to reside on campus. Located just 10-15 minutes away from the railway station and Central bus stand and a 20-minute drive from Piprali Road, Matrix High School offers modern residential accommodations in a clean and green environment.

Our residential setup ensures that students have a comfortable environment for both academic and personal development.

MHS Hostels


World Class Rooms

In Matrix High School residential campus, our hostels offer a lively and energetic environment for students in Sikar. Girls and boys stay in separate hostels, but both receive the same facilities. Students enjoy comfortable living in centrally air-cooled rooms with two or three beds, along with personal study, storage, and rest spaces. They also have access to school facilities like computer labs, online testing labs, video lecture labs, library, and lounge areas for collaboration, self-study, and exploration. In hostels with attached washrooms, shower and toilet facilities are shared only among students in that room.

Activity Room

There's a spacious activity room where residents can enjoy their free time playing indoor games, reading storybooks, or watching TV.

Medical Care

The Matrix High School residential campus has two fully equipped medical and first-aid rooms. One is situated in the academic block, and the other is within the hostel premises. A qualified nurse is available round-the-clock to attend to students' medical needs. Additionally, there is an ambulance and specialist doctors on call at all times while students are in the hostels. The school has medical tie-ups with several reputable hospitals in Sikar city to handle any medical emergencies that may arise.

Meals, Nutrition & Food

At the MATRIX mess, students enjoy a healthy vegetarian buffet-style breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner, ensuring they receive a nutritious and balanced diet. The meals are prepared to resemble homemade food, creating a comforting dining experience. A diverse menu is thoughtfully planned to cater to students from various cultures and backgrounds. The dining hall provides a cheerful environment where students not only enjoy nutritious meals but also socialize with friends and unwind.

Extracurricular Activities & Sports

In Matrix hostels, students participate in supervised games and sports after school hours. With many playing fields and sports facilities available, students engage in games both in the morning and evening. They can visit the Sports Block to play basketball, football, badminton, handball, hockey, cricket, skating, and swimming. Each day, students have dedicated time to access these sporting facilities.

Regular field trips and outings are organized for hostel residents, accompanied by their hostel wardens and mentors. Sundays and weekends are eagerly anticipated for these special activities.

Safety and Security Systems

Ensuring the safety and security of our students is our top priority. Our campus is under 24/7 security surveillance, with over 100 CCTV cameras installed to monitor student safety. Fire sprinklers, alarms, and smoke detectors are strategically placed and regularly inspected. We conduct regular drills and have protocols in place to handle various scenarios.

Bringing a Global Perspective to Your Child

In the Matrix High School residential campus, children experience a warm and nurturing environment with the guidance of their wardens, hostel parents, and mentors. Here, students learn independence, discipline, and social skills. They discover their capabilities, and the experience of living independently introduces them to a world full of opportunities and accomplishments for their future years.

Additional Study and Doubt Hours

At Matrix High School, hostellers follow a busy schedule designed to offer academic assistance, overseen by trained teachers who reside on campus with them. They are provided extra study time to prepare for their lessons, and their academic progress is closely monitored. In the evenings, they can access classrooms in the main school building for study sessions. Additionally, students have individual study tables in their rooms.