Hostels at MATRIX High School - Residential campus

The hostel facilities are available for those students who opt for residential facilities.

Just 10-15 minutes away from the Railway station and Central bus stand and a 20 minutes’ drive from Piprali road, the Matrix High school offers state-of-the-art residential facilities & hostels in a clean and green environment. Our hostel facilities are not just best in Sikar city – they are one of the best at the country level! Keep on reading to know why our hostels are one of the best your child can get!

MHS Hostels


World Class living Rooms

Our hostels in Matrix High School Residential campus offer a thriving, energetic and vibrant environment for the students to live in Sikar. Girls and boys reside in separate hostel, though the facilities provided to both the hostels are the same. At Matrix High school, hostelers live in the comfort of luxurious and centrally air-cooled Rooms with two or three beds in each room along with individual space for study, storage and rest. The students also get access to school facilities such as computer labs, online testing labs, video lecture labs, library and lounge area to promote collaboration, self-study and additional exploration. In hostels with attached washrooms, the shower and toilet facilities are shared exclusively by students of that particular room.

Activity & Reaction Room

There is a large activity/recreation Room where hosters can spend their free time playing indoor games, reading story books or even watching the TV.

Medical care

The Residential campus of Matrix High School is equipped with two fully functional medical & first-aid rooms. One of these rooms is located in the Academic block and the second one is located in the hostel premises. A qualified nurse attends to the students’ medical needs on a 24 hour basis. An ambulance and specialist doctors are on call at all times while students stay in hostels. The School has a Medical tie-ups with many reputed Hospitals in Sikar city in case of any medical emergency.

Meals, Nutrition & Food

At the MATRIX Cafe students are served a healthy buffet breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner with adequate care to ensure that a nutritious and balanced diet is served. Students are served meals which mimic home cooked meals in a comforting environment. An elaborate menu is carefully scheduled so that it appeals to the students who come from different cultures and backgrounds. The dining hall is a cheerful place where students not only eat nutritious meals, but also catch up with friends and relax.

Extra Curricular Activities & Sports

In Matrix hostels, Supervised games and sports are pursued by the students after school hours. With numerous playing fields and sporting facilities, students pursue games in the morning and evening. They can go to the Sports Block and pursue various games like Basketball, football, Badminton, Handball, Hockey, Cricked, Skating, & swimming. All the sporting facilities can be accessed for a dedicated time each day.

Field trips and outings are regularly organized for the hostelers. They are accompanied by their Hostel wardens and mentors. Everyone looks forward to Sundays and weekends when these special activities are organized.

Safety and Security Systems

The safety and security of our students is of paramount importance to us. The campus has 24X7 security cover and over 100+ CCTV cameras ensure the safety and security of our students. Fire sprinklers, alarms and smoke detectors have been placed at regular intervals and are routinely checked. Drills will be conducted regularly and protocol is in place for various different scenarios.

Brining a global outlook to your child

At Matrix High School Residential campus, children live in a homely environment with the support of their Wardens, hostel parents and mentors. Students learn to become independent, well-disciplined and socially interactive. They realize what they are capable of achieving and the experience of living independently opens up a whole new world of possibilities and achievements for them in the years to come.

Additional study and doubt hours

The hostelers at MATRIX High School have an active schedule that focuses on providing every student with academic support under the supervision of trained teachers who also stay in campus along with them. Additional study time is allocated wherein each hosteler prepares his lessons. Their academic growth is monitored and they have access to the classrooms in the main school building during evening study. Students also have individual study units in their rooms.