Online Learning Laboratory

Online Learning Laboratory

These are another paradigm-shifting initiatives from Matrix in Sikar. MHS offers best-in-class digital learning aids to students to ensure that no student is left behind. Below are some of the world-class facilities available at MHS that you can use from day one.

Video Lectures

Video Lectures for Difficult Subjects

High-quality videos offer a great solution for those times when you can't attend a class due to unavoidable circumstances. Instead of missing out on the entire chapter, you can catch up easily by watching video lectures. This allows you to stay on track with your regular classes without any interruptions. Additionally, if you find a particular topic or chapter challenging in class, watching video lectures provides a helpful way to review and understand the material at your own pace.

Video Solutions

Science and Mathematics Video Solutions

Our solutions are designed to help you fully understand every question in our science and mathematics study material. Sometimes, students might feel shy or think a topic has already been covered in class, making it difficult to ask questions. This is where video solutions come in handy. If you have any doubts about a particular question, you can visit the Video Lab anytime and watch a comprehensive video explanation of the solution. These solutions are created by highly experienced individuals and presented in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.

Online Testing

Online Tests and In-depth Analysis of Various Competitive Exams

Online tests offer several advantages over traditional paper-based exams. With online testing at Matrix, students can select topics of their choice and assess their preparation levels. The platform provides unique and insightful analyses to identify both strengths and weaknesses. You can track the time spent on each question and assess your accuracy at different levels. Given that many exams are transitioning to an entirely online format, this testing platform becomes important in building confidence for online assessments.

Online testing and detailed in-depth analysis

Detail analysis