MHS Teaching Methodology

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MHS Teaching Methodology

Many different teaching methodologies can be effective in a high school setting. Some of the most common and effective approaches that we use at MHS include the following:

  • 1. Inquiry-Based Learning: This approach focuses on students discovering knowledge for themselves through exploration, investigation, and problem-solving.

  • 2. Problem-Solving Mindset: From day 1, we try to ensure that students get new challenging problems through our assignments, daily practice problems, and uniquely designed sheets to shift their focus towards solving innovative questions rather than rote learning.

  • 3. Differentiated Instruction: This approach involves tailoring instruction to the specific needs, interests, and learning styles of individual students. We follow this through doubt classes, where students can get help depending on their particular needs.

  • 4. Use of Both Digital and Offline Instructions: This is to ensure that students get all the requisite support through online tests, video lectures, and more detailed assessment reports to track their progress.

Ultimately, the best teaching methodology will depend on the subject matter being taught, the goals of the lesson, the learning needs and abilities of the students, and the preferences of the teacher. More often than not, we use a combination of different approaches to meet the needs of all students and create a dynamic and engaging learning environment.