Advanced Learning Technologies

To ensure our students learn the best and give excellent results

Technology Enabled School

Our teachers use digital books and presentations enriched with images, drawings and interactive 3D scenes as well as custom worksheets.

1500 Hours of High-Quality Video Lectures

Our dedicated faculty provides high-quality video lectures using smart boards, light boards, and green boards. These videos serve as a valuable resource for our students, offering additional revision opportunities for the entire syllabus.

Online Testing with World-Class Analytics

We offer over 65 diverse test series, comprising more than 1000 tests. Our comprehensive analytics provide in-depth insights, including 25+ analyses focused on assessing student performance.

Top-notch Computer Labs

Our computer labs are equipped with over 200 latest computers for regular tests. Many competitive exams, like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, GATE, ANCQ, etc., are now conducted online, and others are transitioning to online formats. At MHS, we conduct regular desktop-based tests for our students to ensure they feel fully confident with these exams.

A glimpse of our regular class using advanced learning technology