2018 XII Science Results


The faculties teaching at MHS have produced stupendous results over last 5 years with numerous State and District Merits both in 10th and 12th board exams. These are the faculty members who are adored by tens of thousands of students in Sikar.

On a side note, if we discuss the results of Matrix coaching in board exams, these are probably the best board exam results by any coaching in Rajasthan. In 2018 alone, close to 81% of Matrix students scored more than 75% marks in 12th exam, a record in itself for any school or coaching. Also, many students who succeeded in JEE advanced in 1st attempt with 12th itself and now studying at IITs were able to score 90% marks in board exams. Scoring 95%/90% marks in board exam is a great achievement. But, scoring above 90% along with admission in IITs with 12th itself is a far superior achievement from a student’s point of few.

Despite these excellent results by Matrix students in board exams in last 3 year, we believe that this is just the start for the Matrix High School. Given that Matrix High School students would have a much sharper focus towards board exams, we are hoping that the way Matrix has become a leader in JEE results in Sikar, MHS too will become the leader in board exam results over next few years in Sikar. We hope that our results in years to come will become testimony of our team's brilliance, hard work and sheer sincerity.

If you have any further queries regarding our results, please visit one of the below pages for more details. We have put the board results of Matrix coaching students over last 3 years with full transparency.

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