12th Board Result

Key Highlights of Matrixian's Performance in 12th CBSE Board Exams 2023
  • - Mayank Soni set a new standard by achieving a remarkable 96% in the 12th PCM CBSE Board exams.
  • - Reena got 97.60% in her 12th-grade Arts CBSE Board exams (Highest in school).
  • - 34 students scored above 90% in the 12th CBSE Board exams in 2023.
  • - 88 students scored over 85%.
  • - Perfect 100% success rate once again in the 2023 12th Board exams.

The dedicated faculty at Matrix High School Sikar has consistently achieved outstanding results in the past six years, securing numerous state and district merits in the 12th board exams. These esteemed educators have earned the admiration of tens of thousands of students in Sikar.

While celebrating the remarkable accomplishments of Matrix students in the 12th grade during this period, we view these achievements as just the beginning for Matrix High School. With a heightened emphasis on board exams, we anticipate continued success. Inspired by the leadership Matrix Academy has demonstrated in JEE and NEET results in Sikar, we aspire to establish ourselves as the best CBSE school in Sikar. Our vision is that the forthcoming years will serve as a testament to the brilliance, hard work, and unwavering dedication of our team.

For more detailed information about our Matrix student's 12th result over the past six years, please visit the pages listed below. We take pride in providing full transparency regarding the board results of our students.

How to check my 12th result?

To check your 12th result, follow these steps.

  • - Visit the official CBSE website and locate the result section.
  • - Enter all the details correctly.
  • - Click on the submit button.
  • - Your 12th CBSE result will be displayed on the screen.

If you are a Matrix student, you can look for your overall 12th result here. Search for your roll number. Your name, along with your overall percentage, will be displayed on the screen.

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