Matrix high school

Message from the Managing Committee

As we all know, India has already come out as a leader amongst developing countries. This has been primarily led by creating a sound industrial, financial, and technical infrastructure. Our continued focus on quality education has played a vital role in maintaining the momentum of continued growth across all possible dimensions.

I strongly believe that the quality education being provided for competitive exams such as NTSE, KVPY, Olympiads, JEE, NEET etc., MHS is playing an integral role towards developing qualified professionals from this part of the country.

I for one have always believed that nurturing young minds at an early age can lead to great professional growth in later years for these individuals. I also believe that excellence in education can make huge difference in both personal and professional growth of children.

Matrix High School system has indeed played a pivotal role in making these positive contributions towards the national building. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the faith and trust you have shown in MHS.

The quality of students that Matrix High School has attracted during last 4 years is phenomenal. It is also a testament of the fact that Matrix system has once again proved that when it comes to sharpening students’ potential, no school in this country can beat it!

As always, we hope to cultivate unique strengths each individual student through this program. Our dream has been to produce rewarding careers for our students. We plan to accomplish this by supporting them in their efforts through best-in-class academic programs, qualified faculties and an efficient management system which is conducive to their growth.

I am very confident that our association will be one the most cherished decisions of your ward's student life. I ensure that no stone will remain unturned by MHS to ensure a great career ahead for your ward.

Wishing you a very bright future!
KS Dhaka