What is offered in Pre-Foundation


What is offered in Pre-Foundation

The Pre-foundation program is primarily designed solely for students who are aiming to attain a high rank in the relevant competitive examinations. While a gifted student can achieve the goal of attaining a top rank in competitive examination with the help of focused preparation in only class 11th and 12th. However, for an otherwise bright but not out rightly gifted student, just 2 years preparation may not be enough to score top ranks. But same student, if supported by systematic preparation for 4 years (class 9th to 12th) can almost achieve similar level of success in competitive exam.

One aspect of the Pre-foundation program for NTSE/NSO/IMO/JSO and other competitive exams at school level. focuses on preparing students on each topic to a level of detail that helps them to learn the basics effectively and in a relatively shorter span of time. As a result students are able to allocate more time on practicing relatively difficult problems in each subject area to develop a complete command on the fundamental concepts at the right time.

Pre-foundation course material encloses theory notes with Exercise Sheets, DPPs and assignments. All of these are an outcome of the in depth research work of the most experienced faculty at Matrix academy.

The primary goal of the program is focused towards providing students an effortless development from school and board level to competitive level of study and preparation with optimal speed. The Entire module is properly structured and extremely detail oriented by taking care of the smallest level of details and leaving no scope for uncertainty.

While we are certain to provide you the comprehensive academic support to our students, parents have a fundamental responsibility to continually review student progress and contact us for any support or clarification. We strongly believe that continuous monitoring, guiding and encouragement from both parents and teachers are integral and essential components of student’s academic success.