Matrix Pre-foundation program at MATRIX High School


(for class 5th to 10th class students)


"Simply the best gift your child can get before they pass class 10th Boards"


"Infinite potential to change the academic learning
trajectory of your child in a few years!"

Focus of MATRIX Pre-foundation program


Preparations for NTSE, IJSO, Pre-RMO, NMTC along with early preparation of IIT-JEE & NEET while balancing school preparation


Why Pre-foundation for our children?

Because if you are interested in a great academic career for your children, you need to know below facts


How Does Pre-foundation program work


Concept building theory classes by MATRIX experts

  • Classes by JEE and NEET experts for school students

Regular tests on Olympiads, NTSE, JEE & NEET Pattern

  • Minor tests, Major tests & Revision tests
  • Both online and offline tests

Doubt discussion classes

  • Classes to ensure that concepts are crystal clear

High quality study Material

  • Chapter wise Advanced theory
  • Extensive exercises

Counselling sessions by global experts on choosing right career stream

  • JEE v/s NEET v/s CLAT v/s Commerce v/s Foreign universities

Motivation & support

  • Regular motivational sessions by MATRIX founders and qualified counselors and psychiatrists

Healthy balanced living

  • Sports facilities including Football, Swimming, Tennis, Table tennis, Hockey, Cricket & Basketball for relaxing (only hostelers)
  • Best-in-class food facilities (only hostelers)


Success stories from MHS Pre-foundation!



  • 17 selections in NTSE 2019 (Highest in Sikar across all schools and coachings)
  • Highest selections in NTSE from Sikar for last 3 years consecutively
  • 2 out of 3 Sikar toppers in NTSE 2020 from MHS Sikar


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  • Only School in Sikar with selections in Official Mathematics Olympiads at International level
  • Highest selections in Pre-RMO from Sikar for last 3 years

IJSO & Other international Olympiads

  • Best performance in all sort of Olympiads and scholarship exams among all schools of Sikar with highest selections in NMTC, ANCQ etc.