Matrix NTSE 2020-21 Result

NTSE 2020-21 Result

In NTSE 2021, Matrix has produced the best results ever in Sikar.

👉 Here are the NTSE "National Talent Search Exam" 2020-21 Result highlights:

  • All first 5 toppers from Sikar are from MHS (Rank-1,2,2,4,5 in Sikar).
  • 3 out of top-7 students in Rajasthan in Gen. cat. are from MHS.
  • Highest selections and selection rate from any school of Rajasthan are from Matrix High School.
  • 6 out of top-6 in OBC cat. students in entire Rajasthan are from MHS.

  • Overall Rank: 4

    Aman Nehra

    S/D of Shri Subhash Singh

    Matrix Roll No.: 51096

  • Overall Rank: 7

    Aaditya Pratap Singh

    S/D of Shri Pradeep Singh

    Matrix Roll No.: 51390

  • Overall Rank: 7

    Mayank Soni

    S/D of Shri Subhash Chandra Soni

    Matrix Roll No.: 55120

  • Overall Rank: 19

    Aditya Bijarniya

    S/D of Shri Prahlad Ram

    Matrix Roll No.: 51159

  • Overall Rank: 26


    S/D of Shri Pratap Singh

    Matrix Roll No.: 51302

  • Overall Rank: 33


    S/D of Shri Vijaypal

    Matrix Roll No.: 51670

  • Overall Rank: 58

    Harshita Poonia

    S/D of Shri Subhash Chandra Poonia

    Matrix Roll No.: 51591

  • Overall Rank: 72

    Aman Bijarnia

    S/D of Shri Kishan Singh

    Matrix Roll No.: 51160

  • Overall Rank: 104

    Tanuj Kumawat

    S/D of Shri Manoj Kumawat

    Matrix Roll No.: 51353

  • Overall Rank: 105

    Gunjan Jalan

    S/D of Shri Manoj Kumar Jalan

    Matrix Roll No.: 51827

  • Overall Rank: 119

    Aditya Takhar

    S/D of Shri Kamla Choudhary

    Matrix Roll No.: 51030

  • Overall Rank: 119

    Ayush Fageria

    S/D of Shri Suresh Kumar

    Matrix Roll No.: 51147

  • Overall Rank: 181

    Rajas Agarwal

    S/D of Shri Hargovind Agarwal

    Matrix Roll No.: 51394

  • Overall Rank: 207

    Ritika Mahariya

    S/D of Shri Sheeshram Mahariya

    Matrix Roll No.: 51463

  • Overall Rank: 221

    Amrit Lathar

    S/D of Shri Vijay Kumar

    Matrix Roll No.: 51089

  • Overall Rank: 221

    Anish Lathar

    S/D of Shri Vijay Kumar

    Matrix Roll No.: 51090

  • Overall Rank: 238


    S/D of Shri Manoj

    Matrix Roll No.: 51874

  • Overall Rank: 256

    Madhu Lata

    S/D of Shri Shyam Lal Jat

    Matrix Roll No.: 51465

  • Overall Rank: 275

    Aniket Nitharwal

    S/D of Shri Bhanwar Singh

    Matrix Roll No.: 51288

  • Overall Rank: 301

    Rohit Saini

    S/D of Shri Ratiram Saini

    Matrix Roll No.: 51025

  • Overall Rank: 325

    Aayush Poonia

    S/D of Shri Rajesh Poonia

    Matrix Roll No.: 51062

  • Overall Rank: 332

    Nilancy Agarwal

    S/D of Shri Jaiprakash Agarwal

    Matrix Roll No.: 51472

  • Overall Rank: 341

    Riya Saini

    S/D of Shri Sukh Lal Saini

    Matrix Roll No.: 51377

  • Overall Rank: 353

    Palak Nehra

    S/D of Shri Rakesh

    Matrix Roll No.: 51484

  • Overall Rank: 394

    Yoshit Saini

    S/D of Shri Banwari Lal Saini

    Matrix Roll No.: 51376

  • Overall Rank: 414

    Neeraj Kumar

    S/D of Shri Satyaveer Singh

    Matrix Roll No.: 51419

  • Overall Rank: 456

    Piyush Kasera

    S/D of Shri Sandeep Kasera

    Matrix Roll No.: 51674

  • Overall Rank: 499

    Garvika Mishra

    S/D of Shri Pankaj Mishra

    Matrix Roll No.: 51566