Hostel in Sikar

The hostels with air cooled facility have been designed as a place for students to live and learn to adjust to the educational demands, while encouraging them to develop a healthy social network. Each hostel is under the care of a resident lady/gent warden (as per requirements) who maintains the academic, medical and personal progress of her/his wards. She/he also acts as an able counsellor, guide and administrator.

The institute makes the best possible efforts to provide the best of services and facilities within the hostels. To make the stay of the students a pleasant one they are constantly involved by organizing various events, activities and celebrations within the hostels.

Arrangements with a health centre has been setup for the instant service of the students. A separate vehicle is available to take the sick to the hospitals outside in case of emergency.


It is a famous saying "Healthy mind lives in a healthy body" Undoubtedly healthy body can not be expected if the diet one takes doesn't contain nutritious diet.

MHS mess gives good quality, nutritious and tasty, balanced vegetarian diets that are served in clean and elegant environment. The wardens and staff members eat with students to supervise their eating habits and promote table manners.

A large Mess Hall with a capacity of 100+ members to dine at the same time enables all students and staff to have lunch and breakfast. A large modem kitchen with steam cooking is attached to the mess hall.

The high standard, well-balanced, nutritious vegetarian food prepared in modern mechanized kitchen is served in hygienic conditions.